The Chaplain plays a key role in the life of our churches. Therefore in this section we list the names and dates of all the Chaplains who have served the two churches in recognition of their service to the Anglican community in greater Lisbon.

The Names and Dates

A total of 82 names separate the first Chaplain, Zachary Craddock, from our current Chaplain, Beth Bendrey. The longest serving Chaplain was Thomas Godfrey Pope, of St George's (35 years), beating John Humphreys, of St Paul's into second place (27 years).
1656-1660 1661-1665 1678-1688 1688-1698 never came* 1709-1714 1721-1734 1743-1749 1749-1763 1763-1782 1782-1800 1812-1818 1819-1840 1841-1861 1861-1867 1867-1902 1902-1907 1907-1915 1915-1924 1925-1930 1930-1935 1936-1937 1937-1945 1945-1959 1960-1965 1966-1976 1977-1985
1907-1908 1908-1909 1910-1911 1912-1913 1913-1914 1920-1921 1921-1922 1922-1923 1923-1924 1925-1926 1927-1928 1929-1930 1930-1931 1931-1932 1933-1934 1934-1935 1935-1936 1936-1944 1945 1945-1946 1947-1948 1949-1950 1950-1957 1957-1980 1981-1984
Z. Craddock T. Marsden M. Geddes  J. Colbatch J. Swift* J. Wilcocks J. Simms S. Parker J. Williamson W. Allen H. Hill R. Marrat Miller T. Hurford Siely G. Prior T. Kenworthy Brown T. Godfrey Pope W. Westall E. Lewis J. Nodder C. Dobson C. Holland H. Pentin H. Fulford Williams H. Farrie R. Dand H. Chatfield-Jude V. Ravensdale**
H. Morris E. l'Estrange Fawcett F. Gason W. Morris M. Liebeurood J. Hogan S. Howe R. Lloyd-Owen J. Beggs J. Lindsay D. Guy L. Klugh S. Gray G. Vaughan- Robinson C. McLaughin F. Harvey A. Harkness P. Coleman R. Randolph N. Marsh R. Randolph K. Maurice B. Hewitt J. Humphreys B. Smith
St George’s Church
St Paul’s Church
*Jonathan Swift was appointed Chaplain in 1702 but never came to Lisbon. ** In July 1984 the two churches of St Paul's, Estoril and St George's, Lisbon were combined into the Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy; Victor Ravensdale stayed on as Assistant Chaplain until June 1985.
Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy
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K. Roberts A. Ashdown K. Robinson M. Bullock N. Stimpson Frank Sawyer Beth Bendrey Iain Bendrey (Assistant Chaplain)
The Roll of Honour